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ARAFATKA – kufija (lub kufia, kafia, kufija, kafija), shemagh (alternatywnie shmagh, yashmagh, po polsku czyt. szmagh), ghutra, hatta.
Maha, a Palestinian woman from the West Bank, speaks about her experience of a women’s circle led by Jalaja Bonheim, founder of the Institute for Circlework ( ) in January 2010.
Are the young people who are out on the streets actually listening to the older generation any more? Who calls the shots, on either side of the divide? Raffoul Saadeh is a Palestinian rapper, and [More]
Eight years after the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, his memory lives on through a 59-year-old fruit and vegetable vendor in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Dressed in a green military outfit and [More]
Increíble Set de un joven artista de nuestro sello: Matt Kufiya // Amazing set from a young artist of our label: Matt Kufiya. Tracklist: Marc Holstege – Maari (Original Mix) Matchy & Bott – Submarine [More]
The Shemagh is a great outdoors EDC item – useful in warm or cold weather. The one I carry is by Rothco, and it is 36×36 inches. They usually range in the sizes of 36×36, [More]