A Palestinian Iftar – RAMADAN VLOG DAY 20

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Haute Hijab Ramadan Diaries (Ep.20) – Today we go all the way to New Jersey to have a Palestinian Iftar with our Noor.

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Adilsaif Adilsaif says:

Ahmed is soo innocent

Aiysha says:

You guys have such a nice energy and are so fun Mashallah

abdul krim says:

In the vedio your hair shows in the back

xoxocurlychris says:

Lol so funny. Love your personality. All the feels. I wake up looking for your vlogs so you can’t stop.ever.

Ujala Shujat says:

Such a great team. I am so jealous 😛

Jennifer Hussein says:

You guys are so funny, mashaAllah bismillah that kunefeh was no joke! It looked AMAZING!!!!!! ♥️ YOU

Abi Pereira says:

1:49 you might want to edit & repost

Duaa Horshid says:

Hahah i watch these vids while eating suhoor in my dorms alone and this makes it so much better! Love you guys and Inshalla allah grants you lots of 7asanat for that! ❤❤❤

margaret cameron says:

That floral hijab is so beautiful, especially with the stripes! A bold choice but it totally works! Also, concealer is a LIFESAVER!

Yasmina Abdelfatah says:

love this one mashallah best team EVER …..conafa is not my fav sweet but after seeing this delicios confa im gonna try to eat it ….mel im gonna miss this vlogs after ramdan so i hope that you give us some vlogs from time to time love youuuu sweetie!l

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