Arabic Traditional Music | الموسيقى العربية التقليدية

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Dewatto Nation says:

Finally, REAL Arabic music. Thank you so much. Subscribed!

Evandro Vieira Valadao says:

Em tempos secos, ouvi esse oasis e me deitei em pleno gozo.

khoddah says:

Name of the song at 14:59 please ?

Paisiblemontagne64 says:

Where can I download this music (not the ones from the original singer, but these actual songs) ?

Ahsan Ayaz says:

Greetings from Pakistan!

Nick Camp says:

Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Sina Joshua says:

Greetings from Iran. I love arabic culture and arabs people.

Catolina A.g. says:

It`s a real pleassure to listen the arabic music. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful music.

Abrahim Atallah says:

Hello all the way from New Jersey

Forest Light says:

starts 38:58 song name anyone know?

Ghazi Al Obaidi says:

I m shocked that too many western and Latino people love our culture …. ,… sounds good

Ghazi Al Obaidi says:

this is real Arabic music ….

brok brok says:

when music speak all peaple inderstand …music closet in spirit ….salam from Morrocan

Hailey Maurer says:

Mystifying – truly astounding music

Jacob Garcia says:

Its sad how this beautiful and ancient middle eastern culture is blotted out because of ignorence and false wars to cause division. This music is the root of all mans culture. We are all humans and we have unique traditions and customs and our history on this earth is beautiful. I live in America and seeing how if you enjoy this music or look different makes you a terroist makes me sick. We need to love eachother as human beings and appreciate heritage. From a puerto rican hebrew raised by muslim god parents have a nice day everyone and remember hate twards others is hate to yourself

M. T. says:

Greetings and peace from a german atheist living in Norway!

jad power says:

Greeting from Austria

Shah Khan says:

fantastic!! just love it! hats off!

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