Ku telah miliki Rasa indahnya perihku Rasa hancurnya harapku Kau lepas cintaku Rasakan abadi Sekalipun kau mengerti Sekalipun kau pahami Ku pikir ku salah mengertimu Aku hanya ingin kau tahu Besarnya cintaku Tingginya khayalku bersamamu [More]
Talking about how people diss other people’s New Years resolution. Don’t do it. Let people be. http://emkwan.com/ask or tweet with hashtag #ASKEMKWAN Stay subscribed. To have your questions answered leave a comment in this video [More]
Check back EVERY SUNDAY! In this episode of #QTips, we answer people’s questions about what Qatari’s typically wear traditionally. Of course we still wear jeans, shirts, suits, and everything else, this is our local dress. [More]
Salah satu bentuk sorban yg ada di daerah arab / atau pesisir arab adalah gutra غترة yg biasa di pakai oleh masyarakat saudi arabia
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La clase de la Sra. Garzon dando una presentacion sobre Egipto, su capital, la cultura, la comida y los atuendos que usan. Daniel usó un kufiya, un atuendo tambien conocido como Ghutrah.
There are so many different ways to wear the ghotra, two dozens styles of ghotra wearing. Modesty- Just throw one end of the ghotra on the opposite shoulder and you are ready.. Eagle – Similar [More]
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