A short video about everyone’s favourite survival scarf, the shemagh. ————————————————————————————————– What to watch next: Bug Out Bag: https://youtu.be/9azzW9uy8K4 Urban Tactical Survival Pack(Get Home Bag): https://youtu.be/p-gHbIz5UOQ Why You Should Own a 22: https://youtu.be/ntExpLhch2M ————————————————————————————————— Connect [More]
This is a more comfortable method of wraping Shemagh without tying it or using a knot.
This video shows a couple different ways to tie a Shemagh.
Say’s It In The Title.
In this video i will show you how to wrap a shemagh ninja style. If you like the video let me know and if you dont still let me know i always love feedback
How to use a Shemagh / Keffiyeh. www.survivalnow.com The Shemagh is a versatile survival tool to have on hand. It’s easy to tuck away in any Survival or Bug Out Bag. It’s used to keep [More]
If you’re running it like Don Johnson and need to style it up–we’ve got you covered. Business in style.
In this video I will be showing you a how to tie a shemagh