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Subscribe for more, drop a like or dislike. I’m new to the Shemagh but these are four ways I have learned to tie one. The Shemagh is a very cool piece of material not only [More]
This method used my parents for winter shawl , when I was a little kid
Our guide Ali demonstrates how to tie the Omani turban.
How to tie a Bedouin headscarf
Fastest Way To Tie A Shemagh Scarf The Arab Way. Check A Huge Variety of Shemagh Scarfs Here http://goo.gl/JVkhfb
In this video I will show u how to tie a shemagh. I usually use this when playing airsoft. It can be purchesed on Evike.com for around $10. Rate, Comment, Subscribe!
How to Tie a Shemagh 00:00:47 Method 1 Traditional Head and Face Wrap Combination 00:00:55 1 – Fold the shemagh into a triangle 00:01:27 2 – Drape the shemagh over your forehead 00:02:14 3 – [More]
Hope you learnt another new way to tie an Arafat.Party Nation song is done by Kagwe Mungai,MDQ,Fena Gitu,mayonde and i forgot to mention Blinky Bill hey check out the hit in my tagging box its [More]