cowboybiwalk style shemagh tie
This is a how you can use a Shemagh as a Ninja Style. I use this method to get away from sand and heat. Hope this will help you. Thank You New Here? – Hi! [More]
Just watch carefully and yes use something beetween when u are biginner ” – 3meter than u can longest is better and nicely
A simple guide on How To Tie Arabic Scarf Emirati Gulf Style Headgear, Shemagh. If you’re reading this, comment below with: ‘’Eid Mubarak”. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE – —————————————-­———————— (New videos every Wednesday/Sunday) —————————————-­———————— [More]
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Subscribe for more, drop a like or dislike. I’m new to the Shemagh but these are four ways I have learned to tie one. The Shemagh is a very cool piece of material not only [More]
This method used my parents for winter shawl , when I was a little kid
Our guide Ali demonstrates how to tie the Omani turban.
How to tie a Bedouin headscarf