Afrikaans het ‘n ryk geskiedenis waartoe baie tale en kulture bygedra het. In Bothasig, ‘n Kaapse voorstad, vertel apteker Muhammad Choglay watter rol Afrikaans in sy uitgebreide familie se lewe as Moslems van Indiese herkoms [More]
Nem gondolom, hogy a magyarok között divatba fog jönni ilyen kendők hordása, ez a veszély nem fenyeget. Sőt élőben még találkozni se lehet ezzel a keffiyeh kendővel, habár itt Angliában könnyebben előfordulhat. Azért jó tudni, [More]
The kaffiyeh is a traditional Arab headdress and a symbol of the Palestinian struggle. Today, it continues to represent an important part of Palestinian heritage. Unfortunately, the Al Hirbawi factory is the last remaining institution [More]
Indie Kids Wear the Keffiyeh But Can’t Spell PLO by Lack from the album Saturate Every Atom Released 2013-02-08 on Play/Rec Listen/download this album on your preferred music service: Spotify: Apple Music / iTunes: [More]
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Why i think the Shemagh or Keffiyeh is a vital part of my EDC!
Show Solidarity – Wear a Keffiyeh
Just messing around in the park pre-4:20 London’s Victoria Park.. A funny fellow decided to show us how to put on a Keffiyeh.. Filmed and Edited by Mike Roy Recorded in London @ Victoria Park [More]
This one is in the IDF colors. You can actually buy the Israeli Keffiyeh at