Airsoft Corner dari Mazdaws kali ini menghadirkan tutorial tentang shemagh/keffiyeh dengan gaya neck wrap dan bandit mask. Shemagh ini merupakan aksesoris yang seolah menjadi wajib di dunia olahraga airsoft, karena memberi kesan lebih garang. Semoga [More]
For a recent broadcast, Aatif Nawaz was asked to wear a Keffiyeh – an Arab-Style Head-Gear. Here’s how one would put it on.
Why You Should Wear A Keffiyeh
Jesse McCartney Rocks A Keffiyeh, but does he know what it is? Crown Bar
World Keffiyeh Day (May 11th) is to be commemorated on an annual basis in conjunction with Nakba Day (15 May), in order to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause and struggle. Facebook Page: Twitter: [More]
HEBRON : Joudeh Hirbawi isn’t sure why young Palestinians don’t want to wear the iconic black-and-white keffiyeh scarves his factory makes. But he’s found another way to stay afloat.