A simple improvised dust mask commonly found in the Arab lands. I use a piece of 50″ square cotton/linen blend to tie a keffiyeh as my dust mask among its countless other uses.
This is an introduction to the four small videos that will be coming out this week. I discuss some of my thoughts about documentary photography and why it is important to me to be transition [More]
Wear the keffiyeh (AKA “shemagh”) to show support for Muslims and immigrants. It’s spelled different ways, too: kufiya, kufiyeh, etc. The black and white keffiyeh has become famous as a symbol of solidarity for the [More]
MY FIRST FERRARI Keffiyeh GIVEAWAY. May the most deserving win : the contest is on and ends at :945 am tom 29/3/2017. thats 24hours. so tell me why you should be the most deserving person [More]
This is a simple way how to tie a shemagh or keffiyeh. This helps from sand, hot wind, cold wind and many more. I hope this helps you. Thanking you for watching. New Here? – [More]
Taking functional fashion to new heights, Lebanese architect Salim al-Kadi exhibited his bulletproof keffiyeh design, the K29 Keffiyeh 001, at the Geek Express gallery in Beirut, Tuesday. Al-Kadi’s new design, which premiered at the Beirut [More]
Zahi Shaked A tour guide in Israel and his camera zahigo25@walla.com 972-54-6905522 tel סיור עם מורה הדרך ומדריך הטיולים צחי שקד 0546905522 My name is Zahi Shaked In 2000 I became a registered liscenced tourist [More]
Holidays for All: an international Summer Camp in New Askar Refugee Camp (Nablus) To know more about it, check our page: www.keffiyehcenter.wordpress.com
HELP SUPPORT! GO TO: http://shemspeed.com/fund/video Dear Fans, Followers and Supporters: Shemspeed’s Israeli Keffiyeh is steadily gaining attention in the world of fashion, and in the process, spreading awareness of Jewish pride, respect, and cross-cultural unity. [More]