This is a way to show You how to play around, for those who doesn’t have any Headpiece or can’t afford one then anything will do, in this one I used a bracelet as I [More]
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Video shows what keffiyeh means. A cloth worn on the head and about the neck by some Arabs, both indoors and out.. keffiyeh synonyms: the list in. Keffiyeh Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. [More]
Style or not? Originally I was introduced to the keffiyeh from this YouTube video – [2] in which a Jewish Professor was confronted by a Muslim student of his work. During their conversation, both [More]
Wore this turban on my head throughout our desert safari in the UAE.
Israeli Keffiyeh & DeScribe Live get yours at
كروشيه طريقه عمل كوفيه بوجهين فنون الكروشيه كوفيه بناتى فنون الكروشيه Keffiyeh with two faces arts Crochet arts Crochet