Video ID: 20140723-049 M/S A protester with a Palestine scarf W/S Protesters SOT, Protester (in French): “Hollande, you’re a terrorist! What is the difference between you and Bin Laden? No difference! Only that you have [More]
Subscribe to our channel The keffiyah is a national symbol for Palestine and their struggle for independence. Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports on how the traditional Palestinian scarf is also struggling to survive. At [More]
The other scarf is green but is coming out more bluey for some reason -.- Hope you find this inspiring!! COMMENT, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE ! ^_^ WELCOME 2 Nabiila Bee’s WORLD. [More]
ISRAEL: East Jerusalem: Shuafat: EXT Man along in Palestinian neighbourhood Mourning tent being set up outside house of family of Mohammed Abu Khadeir (16-year-old Palestinian murder victim) Men sitting under tent Hassan Abu Khadeir (Father) [More]
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Dunkin Donuts has pulled a commercial featuring pitchwoman Rachael Ray wearing a scarf because Michelle Malkin and other conservative observers thought the scarf looked too much like a keffiyeh, what Malkin describes as “the traditional [More]
Choose Hirbawi, the only original Palestinian scarf, which is still made in Palestine. This video explains to how to place an order on We accept bank transfer, PayPal and Credit Cards. Delivery Worldwide
In the face of strong competition from China, the traditional, locally produced Palestinian headscarf has put up a show of resistance, successfully pulling itself back from the brink of extinction. Follow us: YouTube:
This is the second dispatch in a five part series which explores how Palestinian craft traditions have been impacted by Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Overlooking the valley of Hebron, and adjoining a quiet [More]