Majlis members get angry after they heard that Ahmadinejad ridiculed their gesture of photo shooting with Palestinian scarf during a speech for student parliament on Tuesday 9 October . Read more []
the palestinian scarf is a heritage and not a fashion to be worn by eurpean and other pple,,,WAKE UP PALESTINIANS
I got my hair cut today and guess what was for sale in this lady’s shop?? She only had one so I grabbed it up!
My roommate and I wrote and filmed this sketch a few years ago, but some friends I showed it to shot it down. So we never released it. Suddenly, it’s topical, so f*@k those friends. [More]
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Palestinian Scarves, also knows as Keffiyehs, Yashmaghs or Shemaghs, have been worn in the Middle East for centuries. For much of the 20th century, the Palestinian Scarf was an iconic symbol of solidarity with the [More]
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description on how to tie the arabic ghotra the uae way. different places in the middel east do it a different way, but the uae, oman and yemen have some similarities. UAE way is the [More]
Diego Armando Maradona, wearing a Palestinian scarf and cheer Viva Palestine After finishing the cycle of training with Al Wasl UAE, out coach, the legendary Argentine player Diego Maradona of the stadium, where he was [More]