East Jerusalem: Israeli soldier rips scarf from Palestinian child’s neck

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Images shot at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate on Thursday show how an Israeli soldier violently ripped a Palestinian scarf from round a Palestinian child’s neck.

The Palestinian scarf or ‘kufiyya’ became a symbol of Palestinian nationalism at the time of the 1936–1939 Palestinian Arab revolt. Outside of the Middle East and North Africa, the kufiyya gained popularity among activists supporting the Palestinian cause, and now it’s seen as symbol of “Palestinian solidarity”.

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anastasia2657 says:

O Come O Come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel……………….

We win says:

He needs to rip his face off.

WorldNomadRuss says:

Show the whole clip you parasites.

ahmad abrar says:

What a powerful guy..im so scared omg..but nevermind..god is watching

Peaton says:

Good demonstration of how they steal land.

Downfacingdog says:

Bullying kids is what they are good at. The are even better at killing children.

Dennis says:

Haha Ramallah Television at its worst.

Whistleblower says:

Down with Irahell and Amerikkkan imperialism

Brian Kaz says:

Was he using the scarf as a slingshot? Can we see more of the footage, especially before he took the scarf? Tell us the whole story please.

Mourad Amazigh says:

look at all those paid cyber trolls by zionists in the comment section pathetic losers

TheGundra says:


redrobiin says:

Big bully scum

Iamnota Mushroom says:

Shit. There goes any sleep I'm going to get tonight.

ᴄᴛʀx 14 says:

kufiyya is not symbol of Palestinian nationalism ! ITS SYMBOL OF TERRORISM !

Suzy Q says:

Why are there camera crews there to film this? It seems staged to me.

Reconquista says:

Oh no, the soldier was sooooo "violent", the poor child!
The hell?
Also, if you're going to upload a video, upload the entire thing.
We know how these Arabs like to taunt and cause trouble in order to coax non-Arabs into reacting, thus bringing them sympathetic coverage as a result.

Carmen Santana says:

What a asshole move this soldier did against a child.

The Poor Chop says:

What would the reason for doing that. I don't understand. It's a scarf.

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