Everyday Simple Hijab Tutorial

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Salma Yousef says:

اللفة حلوة بس بتتكلمي كتير الفيديو بدا متاخر

king faisal says:

You look so cute mashallah

Siti Khadijah Md Yaacob says:

i love your eye make up!!

spoiled rehan says:

You have a very very beautiful voice ❤️❤️

بدور السناني says:

You are wonderful .. Thank you .. Your friend from Sultanate of Oman

Buy Phone says:

SubhanAllah you're beautiful

داليا رضا says:

you are vety nice

Barney Wobba says:

I have muslim pals but they don't let their women wear makeup. Is that more of oldschool thing or regional thijng?

Sokhiba Yunusmetova says:

I really liked it

Zayyaan Hartly says:

I'm a Muslim but I want to know how to swing my scarf up in a beautiful style

rizka khoirunnisa says:

can I know what colour of your lipstick? I like it so much

Frantic Deadeye says:

you like being oppressed?

Novia Dwi says:

Gua coba kaga bisa donggg

Roziah Abu Bakar says:

It looks great but i dont like that it doesn’t cover the chest area

Maryam Ahmed says:

Love it.. I'll follow your tips

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