Ex SAS Soldier Rusty Firmin: Basic ways on how to wear a shemagh

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I used shemaghs in various parts of the world. A real basic piece of kit that makes a big difference. I have a number of these signed and for sale, see eBay or enquire on the SAS Special Air Service Militaria Collectors and Facts page. Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, visit my website, follow me on Twitter and join the SAS Special Air Service Militaria Collectors & Facts Page on Facebook. Merchandise is available on the Facebook page, eBay and directly off my website.



JCBAirmaster73 says:

Useful things shemaghs, I bet the first pioneers of these were the LRDG and those who served in the Middle East, North Africa etc?? David Stirling, Paddy Mayne possibly.

Catch_0x16 says:

Rusty, I failed continuation with 21 in 2012. However I've always held the regiment in high regard and respect everyone who's served tremendously. Thank you for taking the time to share your videos, I've been very interested in your perspectives and I'm glad to see you creating content, rather than simply consuming life.

P.S. VW valley is piss and overrated.

Olan Pierce says:

Corona proofed………just saved yourself from a bogus enemy that doesnt even exist…..Who Dares Wins……not paid any attention to the lockdown since it started !

Steve says:

Rusty 1 small thing why is everything repetitive

Lethal Paradox says:

Hi uncle rusty can you tell me about the embassy seige

Tom Ashdown says:

Disclaimer.. dont try this in a London tourist spot in case you attract the attention of armed Met police

Ugur Tas says:

The legend himself

Bryson says:

Loving the channel! You deserve more views. BTW, I think you should check FollowSM . c o m!! It’s the fastest way to grow your YouTube channel!!

Tom Vickery says:

Rusty, I have watched your podcasts on SAS WDW. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly of what you are saying. The SAS came into my knowledge during the 1st gulf War, I have read a lot of books before the 1996 disclosure came into effect, I have obviously read Ryan, and McNabs accounts of their involvement in that theatre. I know that they may have embellished their accounts but hey ho, artistic license. I think the SAS and its history is 2nd to none, and people like yourself are true hero's. Which brings me to this, I cannot get enough info on The Regiment and I will read any book by ex personnel. You are bang on the money with your assessment of that shite c4 production. Now I am a civilian, and I cannot take away the military accomplishments by any of the DS who appear on that show. Furthermore though when I first watched the show in its first series even myself raised eyebrows at its marketing, SAS as I was aware of their SBS background. I think you are truly justified in trying to protect your regiments Fine History and standing, and think that the current TV program is shite sensationalised bollocks. I've read all of their books, I take nothing away from their bravery and service. But to masquerade as SAS, aside from Mark, and Jay, seems stupid I'm sure they are aware of the ramifications of doing so, especially knowing that the people they have served alongside must be watching, and cringing. I won't watch another episode. Fed up of the hype and bullshit on twitter. Fair play to you Rusty

Robert Centa says:

Cheers Rusty

B Baruah says:

I've waited so long for an excellent tutorial like this!

VulfII says:

Old man also sang praise for the old shemagh, same place in the Oman, also in jungle. Never taught me how to use the bloody thing though or had one at hand! Cheers Rusty.

prim proper says:

good stuff rusty what rank were you when you left the reg and also did you work with billy billingham

Chris Wood says:

What do you have in your baccy tin Rusty? Great stuff again 🙂

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