How to tie Imamah [Yemeni,Omani or Bedouin style]

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I made this video to show How to tie Imamah or How to wear Imamah. There are difference ways to tie the Imamah or how to tie shemagh or how to tie ghotra and it differ based on the region and Insha Allah in future I am planing to make more videos to show how to wear imamah in different style and traditions. It is very inspiring to see the youth wearing it. Always remember its not the clothes but its the actions which represents us but if we dress in a certain way which reflects our identity then we should show it through our good actions too 🙂

here are some Authentic Hadith which has the record that Rasool Allah (s’aw) used to tie the Turban

Narrated Ja’far bin ‘Amr: My father said, “I saw the Prophet passing wet hands over his turban and Khuffs (leather socks).” (Book #4, Hadith #204) (Book: Sahih Al Bukhari)

Amr b. Huraith reported on the authority of his father that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) addressed the people (on the day of the Victory of Mecca) with a black turban on his head. (Book #007, Hadith #3148) (Book: Sahih Muslim)

Narrated Ali ibn Rukanah: Ali quoting his father said: Rukanah wrestled with the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) threw him on the ground. Rukanah said: I heard the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) say: The difference between us and the polytheists is that we wear turbans over caps. (Book #32, Hadith #4067) (Book: Sunan Abudawud)


unitednation says:

If you guys like the tutorial video, you can download then upload it on your channels cuz I'm going to delete them soon.

SuperKam45 says:

Aslm, hope your well. Brother can i ask were u got your scarf from as i wanted the same exact one??

unitednation says:

walaikum salam wr wb, what kind of cloth you need let me know with the description you can inbox me insha Allah

khadegh moh says:

بارك الله فيك 🙂

Turki Al-Katheri says:

Are serious.
I think you can do it better than what you have done.

Try again

unitednation says:

practicing Muslims still wears Emamah, may be where you live people dont wear it but I was first being taught by a white guy who accepted Islam about 5 years ago. I have friends who are Arab, Non-Arab, from Subcontinent and European and I have seen a lot of them wearing it sister 🙂

Muhammad Ali says:

Can i get a black pagri brother,jazakallah.

unitednation says:

walaikum salam, actually I have it for long time I have whole bunch of Imamah different kind of I love to wear them……and I can import and export let me know if you want one

Muhammad Ali says:

asalamuaikum brother,where do you get your black pagri from.

unitednation says:

Masha Allah right on time brother…..Jazakallah for watching and wear it with the intention of Sunnah……and song is my favorite nasheed so if you want to watch search for Nasheed nr.46 : Ali Al Hadib Ba'dal Kufr and enjoy the Nasheed 🙂

help all the muslim brothers and their channel if it is for something educational and good 🙂

unitednation says:

walaikum salam wr wb,

Thanks for watching the video brother and giving me feed back…..and that is ma favorite nasheed I love it so type in Nasheed nr.46 : Ali Al Hadib Ba'dal Kufr and enjoy the Nasheed 🙂

AlfaOmega1453 says:

Esselamun aleykum brother. I want to know the name of the nasheed on the background. Please respond.

Nirmanakaya says:

Great video!! I've always wanted to learn. What is the song that's playing at the beginning and the end? It sounds great..

unitednation says:

walaikum salam Ya Akhi, I have already made the other video I am going to release pretty soon insha Allah I just need to edit it a little bit…..and Yes Insha Allah I will do back side photos and release it……I know I need much more improvement in my videos but Insha Allah I will try my best to give you guys best videos insha Allah.

Zain Alabideen says:

Salam o alaikum. Great video MashAllah bro.Eagerly waiting for the next one & can you please show your imamah from the back too next time ? JazakAllah Khair bro.

lava says:

Masha Allah Its awesome video Jazakallah for making the tutorial please make the Next video

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