How to Wrap a Shemagh

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For some airsoft players, wrapping a Shemagh on your head (esp. if it’s your first time) can be tricky, here’s how I do it.


Apolo 2-2 says:

Apology because i found it in the credits

Apolo 2-2 says:

That song is that? 

porcusdiu says:

Al Jazeera sound…

Eric Krauser says:

vooodo chile great song from stevie ray vaughan, great!!!

Shirvan Mohammed says:

lol yeah nice

Menthro says:

Thanks alot! I was having trouble with mine. I'm ready to paint some people now!

blazethebest16 says:

I use the shemagh when i am in the line of a concert. Is very useful

Cordell Strong says:

Thank you very much helped a lot, one last thing you should have kept Jimmy going the whole video.

hardcorenoob5 says:

@IdidRaysMother Hi

IdidRaysMother says:

I've wanted one for a while, I called my dad up and now I have to coming soon. Olive Drab and White. I too am an Airsoft player so this would be great with my Airsoft equipment. Love the video by the way, keep it up.

paladin06309 says:

Thank you so much. I've been looking so long for a video that gave me directions on how to tie a shemagh.

Dimut 2 u says:

muslims got it like that 🙂

xResyledx says:

Helped me wrap it like a champ. Thanks.

pdpM4rc0 says:

HEY MAN VERY THANK YOU!! i have a question, do you preffere mask or shemag?? maybe is obviusly but i wanna know THANK YOU

SurvivalInFlames says:

just ordered four of these things, you make it look badass dude, im sure ill get some funny looks wearing this in the u.s. , love stevie rays verson of voodoo chile btw

Theenemy38 says:

@Crazyairsoft1000 its a remake dood of course it's gonna have the same guitar riff

Angelo Lopez says:

got it the first try thanks bro!

CJensen says:

stevie ray! i like it! ps thanks

Dan Li says:

did you get this music from black hawk down?

BulletWeight78 says:

I think this is the best one on youtube!

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