How to Wrap / Tie a Shemagh (HD)

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Here is one way to wrap / tie a shemagh under a plate carrier to keep your rifle off your neck & to keep your core cool. To wrap / tie the shemagh, take the shemagh and make a triangle with it, then take the shemagh and across your back with one side much larger than the other wrap the shemagh around your front and back around to the front and flight up the pointy part of the shemagh up and tie underneath and flip the pointy part back down to cover. To wrap or tie a shemagh is very easy and there are many ways to wrap or tie a shemagh, more to come. There are many ways to wrap or tie a shemagh, more to come.


Military Use:
For decades, keffiyeh have been issued to British soldiers who now, almost exclusively, refer to them as shemaghs. Their use by some units and formations of the military and police forces of the former British Empire and subsequent Commonwealth dates back to before the Second World War. Because of its utility it was adopted by the Palestine Police Force, the Transjordan Frontier Force, the Sudan Defence Force, the Arab Legion, the Libyan Arab Force, the Long Range Desert Group, the Special Air Service and Popski’s Private Army, amongst others, who wore them while operating in North Africa. After the war, their use by the Army continued with the shemagh being worn in both desert and temperate environments in theatres such as Dhofar. Australian Army forces have also used the shemagh since the Vietnam War, and extensively during Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly by Australian Special Forces units. Since the beginning of the War on Terror, these keffiyeh, usually cotton and in military olive drab or khaki with black stitching, have been adopted by US troops as well. Their practicality in an arid environment, as in Iraq, explains their enduring popularity with soldiers. Soldiers often wear the keffiyeh folded in half into a triangle and wrapped around the face, with the halfway point being placed over the mouth and nose, sometimes coupled with goggles, to keep sand out of the face. This is also commonly done by armoured, mechanised and other vehicle-borne troops who use it as a scarf in temperate climates to ward off wind chill caused by being in moving vehicles. British soldiers deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan are now issued with a tan-colored shemagh. Irish Army Rangers use a green shemagh to conceal their identity whilst in the “green” role.

The keffiyeh/kufiya (Arabic: كوفية‎, kūfiyyah, plural كوفيات, kūfiyyāt), also known as a ghutrah (غُترَة), ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة) , shemagh (شماغ) or in Persian chafiye (چَفیِه), Kurdish cemedanî ( جه مه داني), is a traditional Arab headdress fashioned from a square, usually cotton, scarf. It is typically worn by Arab men, as well as some Kurds. It is commonly found in arid regions to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. Its distinctive woven check pattern may have originated in an ancient Mesopotamian representation of either fishing nets or ears of grain.

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I also use these here in the mountains where I live in the winter. They're actually quite warm in the winter and shield my face, eyes etc from the snow and wind well.

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