Israeli Keffiyeh & DeScribe Live

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Israeli Keffiyeh & DeScribe Live

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muhammad says:

i swear to allah if i could .i will slaughter these motherfuckers with a sword .just start the ww3 already goddamn

Chris Hutchens says:

generalization. It's like saying the human race is nothing but pedophiles just because we have a few of them among our ranks. If you're going to trash talk, do your homework first.

After that, I bid you adieu.

Jacob K says:

@crazynymphette On comprends que tu es raciste. Les juifs sont d'israel. ISrael existe 4,00 ans. Les juifs ont porte le Keffieh comme l'autri ds le Moyen Orient pendant des milliers d'annees. Qui es-tu pour dire qqchose d'autre ou de leurs interdire?

Jacob K says:

@MoeMZA DUDE STFU, Jews are middle easterners to and wore the keffiyeh ofr thousands of years too like other Middle easterners. YOu are such a racists hater.
ALso, Hummus and Falafel are eaten throughout the Middle east. Remebers Jews are older Middle easterns than Arabs and WAy before Muslims in the ME.

meshzzizk says:


silbersonne says:


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