Israeli soldier violently rips scarf from neck of Palestinian kid

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Images shot at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate on Thursday show how an Israeli soldier violently ripped a Palestinian scarf from round a Palestinian child’s neck.


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Trump 2020 says:

Good job! Hopefully they'll do that more often

Sunny Singh says:

Terarist scarfs

evolver1919 says:

Israeli soldiers attacking Palestinians, anti-semites attacking Jews, Muslims attacking Europeans, North Korea wants to attack whoever…maybe WW3 is inevitable.

TheMaster100 says:

israeli dogs

Rizal Riffin says:

This is what fucking Donald trump call peace

Muhammad usman says:

Very strong …you moron can just fight with these un armed people.

Ryan88 says:

"violently". Shut the fuck up and go take another English class.

iviewthetube says:

Lies by omission?
Was the scarf being used to sling rocks?
We already get enough fake news in U.S. Keep it, we don't need anymore.

Madd Man says:

enough is never enough for them if there's a race of people on Earth who should know better it certainly should be Israel after World War II in the guilt trip they laid on the world afterwards never again never again all that bullshit that's why every civilized country at one time or another is thrown them out for that idiotic Behavior right there

Madd Man says:

that's total bullshit try not to feel too bad Israel has completely taken over the US they've got our media Are banks Are Congress are Senate and have completely surrounded the president I guess we're next

Timm Hogerzeil says:

what a pussy jew … fuck that guy!

RedDogg says:

It had a c-4 in it

buffalopatriot says:

Nice way to treat a child, tough guy.

Michael1 Honor says:

To win is to show love, need show love.

Super Puper says:

Fuck you Israel. I am glad that Russia supports Palestinians in the UN. Recent resolution showed the results, thats most of the countries support Palestina.

Master Blaster says:

Good awesome to see

Victor Jonee Mabaquiao says:

he can’t afford the one.. lol

G Holmes says:

This is news?

Michael Apanian says:

Sub Humans acting normally in Zionistan

Jack McKee says:

Thanks for zero context – meaningless.

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