New Items! – Shemagh, Black FastMT, Plate Carrier, Camouflage Comtacs: Escape From Tarkov

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New Items! – Shemagh, Plate Carrier,Black FastMT Helmet, Visor Animations, Camouflage Comtacs
Song – ‘Desolated’:


Anton says:

The visor will really balance out the new 'FACE HITBOX' we are getting! this update is going to be a good one.

Thunder Duck says:

Just when i move on from what happent to Ghost from MW2 escape from tarkov comes hitting me in the ass

Alex Matta says:

It’s funny how you pronounce shamagh. I don’t blame you though cause it technically is an Arabic thing.

vicwiz007 says:

Devs do a podcast every saturday? Since when?

Matt Gryzmala says:

Did I see A Remington 870 express tactical with Magpul furniture at 1:24 or am I just tripping

CosmicDrama says:

But when will the patch actually drop?!!! Thought it would’ve hit by now damn.

Carter Griebling says:

1:21 also has a Remington 870

T Chambers says:

i think its shee mag not shimag. the emphasis is backwards how you said it. for sure

Rom Salem says:

i cant wait for the new patch to came out, litrly every time i wake im going to check if this new patch is out alredy

Aristotle Powell says:

1:111:25 new backpack

Shalashaska 994 says:

Damn when I saw the title I thought the update happened

fabioproductions says:

That looks sick as frick

yolo man says:

Oof the K6-3 is gonna be so cool if there is a visor effect

Whirlwind TheSwirlWind says:

Helmets:ZSh 1-2M,Altyn,something like PASGT,and my favorite-SPHERA.

Sarah says:

shit… now I'm even more hyped… thanks for sharing 🙂

ShadowSlimeYT says:

God fucking Damnit all the News that are Coming out when im in fucking Hollydays
Ah and also the new Updates look fucking awesome

Chronic Lethargica says:

i too am looking forward to covering my face

myles samonset says:

Im very excited

Der Böse Bär says:

Im gonna buy the Gohst for every round

dtghrghtshs says:


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