What the heck is a shemagh anyway and how to use it
A “Palestinian” father yells and taunts IDF soldiers, demanding that they kill his little 3-year-old child, Muhammad Suroor, so it can be captured on video for propaganda purposes. Instead, the Israeli soldier shakes the young [More]
We took an Arab and put him in Tel Aviv and a Jew in East Jerusalem. Let’s see what happened… Fb: https://www.facebook.com/TheHolyLanders/ Video Edit: Noam Koren With love from the HolyLanders family. -AnonymousHL -Adar Weinreb [More]
Tying a head scarf – Omani style
Have you ever wondered whether it’s alright for you to wear a thobe? Well the answer from us Qataris to you is, of course! We’d be honored and proud to see people from all over [More]
Reporter John Lyons shows clear evidence that Israeli settlers in the West Bank regularly attack Palestinian school children, knowing the authorities will not intervene. He also discovers there are two legal systems operating. One for [More]
An elderly Palestinian man confronted a group Israeli troops after they clashed with Palestinian youths in Hebron, before he collapsed on the street. Report by Lauren Hampshire. Current affairs, amazing footage and incredible stories. Welcome [More]
A piece of cloth, usually made of cotton or flax and decorated with many colors, but usually red and white; worn primarily by Saudi Arabians and Jordanians. Ordinary keffiyeh A piece of white/orange/black cloth made [More]