For Professional Audio recording & Video shoot: SMRQ Production : +91-7208116477 Email : Assalaumalaikum Dosto, I’m Mohsin Raza Qadri, welcome to our YouTube channel, We upload Islamic videos on random topics like, Naat, Nasheed, [More]
Learn how to say Keffiyeh with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials. The Hardest Word To Say In English
You probably saw robes being worn over the thobe and wondered why that guy gets to wear one and you don’t. Well… we’re here to tell you! Prepare yourselves… it’s to get your Bisht on! [More]
Una fantástica selección mezclada por Matt Kufiya, acompañada por un VJ set en vivo de nuestro artista visual Juan O. / A fantastic selection mixed by Matt Kufiya, accompanied by a live VJ set from [More]
In recent years peace talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leadership have led nowhere. But what if ordinary citizens got together to talk peace? One Israeli professor thinks that’s the best way of forcing the [More]
assalamualaikum guys ,alhamdulilah saya sudah semangat untuk mengedit lagi dan saya memberikan contoh yang benar cara memakai sorban ,selamat menonton
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We walked through a market in Jeddah and bought traditional Keffiyeh to try on. While we were worried that it might be offensive, it was quite the opposite. A stranger stopped and helped Jon get [More]
Which is worse, Nazi flag or Palestinian terrorist symbol? Both were seen in Charlottesville.