ARAFATKA – kufija (lub kufia, kafia, kufija, kafija), shemagh (alternatywnie shmagh, yashmagh, po polsku czyt. szmagh), ghutra, hatta.
The keffiyeh or kufiya (Arabic: كوفية‎ kūfiyyah, meaning “from the city of Kufa” (الكوفة); plural كوفيات kūfiyyāt), also known as a ghutrah (غُترَة), shemagh (شماغ šmāġ), ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة), chafiye (Persian: چَفیِه‎, dastmal yazdi [More]
Nem gondolom, hogy a magyarok között divatba fog jönni ilyen kendők hordása, ez a veszély nem fenyeget. Sőt élőben még találkozni se lehet ezzel a keffiyeh kendővel, habár itt Angliában könnyebben előfordulhat. Azért jó tudni, [More]
A “Palestinian” father yells and taunts IDF soldiers, demanding that they kill his little 3-year-old child, Muhammad Suroor, so it can be captured on video for propaganda purposes. Instead, the Israeli soldier shakes the young [More]
Hola de nuevo! Hace tiempo que quería hacer un vídeo mostrando diferentes usos que le podemos dar a nuestro pañuelo palestino o shemagh. En total doy más de 15 posibles usos, y hay muchos más! [More]
How to Tie a Shemagh – Military Style shemagh wrap. Quickly learn how to tie a military style shemagh. Shemagh as a face wrap. Neck wrap Shemagh scarf. A Shemagh can protect your face from [More]
Hey People, Ahmad Al Kaashekh here. I have been getting many requests on doing a tutorial video on wearing the Shmagh. The one I have used in the video is an Omani one (Shall Omani). [More] – Click here to read 3 Manly Scarf Knots – Click Here To See 11 Ways To Tie A Scarf In An Infographic – Click Here For The Once Around Scarf Knot [More]
done in Jordan 2011 the song is called hashmi hashimi, sung by Omar Abdallat, it s about the hashemite king of Jordan