The last keffiyeh factory in Palestine, the Hirbawi Textile Factory in Al-Khalil (Hebron)
Hukum Sorban | Bagaiamana hukum memakai Sorban Ustadz Adi Hidayat, Lc. MA
How I tie a shemagh head scarf. It’s a little bit different from other methods I saw on YouTube. Edit: After over four years of trying to moderate racist and incredibly stupid comments I’ve closed [More]
[JUNE 5] | As I prepare for my camel ride in the desert, these guys help me get my scarf on, so I can, you know, look the part. They told me it was [More]
Tutorial memakai sorban “Sorban” “Imamah” Cara gampang make sorban
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” ‘Imamah” “Cara memakai sorban” “Cara memakai ‘Imamah” Sorban Arab
How to Wrap an Arab Head Scarf. I am been shown how to wear a Traditional keffiyeh. Arab head scarves, or shemaghs, are a small departure from the traditional Arab turban, but they have been [More]