Die Wirtschaft in den Palästinensergebieten leidet nicht nur unter dem Nahost-Konflikt. Keffijehs – “Palästinensertücher” – sind international berühmt geworden als Kopfschmuck des PLO-Chefs und ersten Palästinenserpräsidenten Jassir Arafat. Nun leiden auch die Keffijeh-Weber von Hebron [More]
Reporter John Lyons shows clear evidence that Israeli settlers in the West Bank regularly attack Palestinian school children, knowing the authorities will not intervene. He also discovers there are two legal systems operating. One for [More]
| For more art and process work, follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/dars.art | Part 2 of the Keffiyeh series – Part 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/3lMb-IDLdd/ | Painted with Adobe Photoshop CC – Total time: ~17.5 hours | [More]
http://ummajuzurlkamar.blogspot.com Umma Juzur lKamar (WASSILATE CHAFI 2/2 pvadzima na F.Muhammad Mughni) Vivons notre modèle(islam)aux Comores Our country (Comoros) islam is our life “NAMBALIHICHE ULAWANA NAMI BENGWE AYAT NDZIMA
OPSGEAR is pleased to give you step by step instruction on how to wrap the shemagh for use in a tactical environment. Made of soft 100% cotton, these lightweight Middle Eastern desert headwraps are ideal [More]
Pesca de Supervivencia con Shemag | Trampa para Peces. En el episodio de hoy vamos a ver una nueva técnica de supervivencia, donde con solo un Shemag o pañuelo y algo de cuerda, podrás capturar [More]
The White Canion, South Sinai, Egypt. March, 2015 Thank you Mr Fayez for teaching us this! Thank you Mr Fayez for being with us during this trip! We really enjoyed it!
*Been asked about this fo ages now. Here’s how to tie Emirati style headgear for men. Both elegant and very practical. Connect online and say “Hi”. EMKWAN http://www.twitter.com/emkwan BEELAH http://www.twitter.com/ms_beelah BLOG: emkwan.tumblr.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/emkwan.page INSTAGRAM: [More]