Shemagh-huivi on kaikin puolin näppärä varuste olla mukana jos liikkuu ulkona. Erittäin reteennäköinen vaatekappale jolla on myös monenmoista käyttötarkoitusta. Tämä video keskittyy esittelemään kaksi tapaa jolal shemaghin voi helposti ja enemmän tai vähemmän särmästi sitoa. [More]
This is a tutorial of how to wrap your Shemagh. I hope you find this video helpful and please comment rate and subscribe. I do video responses!! Thanks for watching and Have a Good Day [More]
Keffiyeh atau Surban selama ini dikenal sebagai pakaian khas masyarakat Timur Tengah yang banyak digunakan oleh bangsa Arab dan juga kurdi. Selama ini Keffiyeh kerap diasosiakan dengan gerakan perlawanan Arab termasuk dalam revolusi Arab pada [More]
Come si indossa la kefiah? Un tutorial che arriva direttamente dal bel mezzo del deserto Wadi Rum con una modella d’eccezione: Serena del blog Mercoledì tutta la settimana ( 🙂 #Giordania #minubetrip #ShareYourJordan The Shemagh is a very useful item to have out in the field, we take a look at just a few of it;s many uses,
A piece of gear that has multiple purposes saves weight and bulk in your Ultralight Backpacking pack, bug out bag, bushcraft kit, or hunting gear. A shemagh is super versatile and light weight. Plus they [More]
Easy, simple and effective way to tie your shemagh, arabic scarf, ghotra or hamdaneya, the bedouin style, as a hat . Protection from the sun, heat, dirt, sand, cold. multi use survival garmet. perfect for [More]
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This is a more comfortable method of wraping Shemagh without tying it or using a knot.