Most of your basic questions like “where do I get those!?” or “WHAT BE DIS MUSIC!?” are answered either at the end of the video, or in this description. After 230k views and you guys [More]
Will, Jessi, and Chris demonstrate the many uses of the Shemagh, and WHY this inexpensive item is such an essential part of any emergency/bushcraft/survival kit. BUY ON PM101 STORE: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE [More] Upgrade your scarf collection with this SECPRO Shemagh Tactical Military Scarf ! This Middle Eastern style scarf is made from soft and breathable 100% cotton, perfect for protecting your head, face, eyes, and neck [More]
Simple but has many uses. Very versatile. 8.5/10 Specifications: Material: Cotton Size: 42″ x 42″
Ver nota: Assaf, de 23 años, es más que un cantante. Es realmente un ídolo. Su faz aparece en carteles en las plazas de Ramala, Nablus y Belén. Los niños de la calle venden [More]
French journalist Benoit Faiveley visits the last Palestinian keffiyeh (the iconic headscarf made famous by Yasser Arafat) factory in Hebron on the West Bank. Faced with Israeli military checkpoints, the complexity of exporting goods from [More]
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Student Documentary about the Keffiyeh. Is it becoming a fashion ? A Terrorist scarf ? Israeli Keffiyeh ?
Arab Idol MBC1 MBC MASR Shahid Arab idol 2013 عرب ايدول 2013 Arab idol season 2 عرب [More]
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