Nem gondolom, hogy a magyarok között divatba fog jönni ilyen kendők hordása, ez a veszély nem fenyeget. Sőt élőben még találkozni se lehet ezzel a keffiyeh kendővel, habár itt Angliában könnyebben előfordulhat. Azért jó tudni, [More]
This is a tutorial of how to wrap your Shemagh. I hope you find this video helpful and please comment rate and subscribe. I do video responses!! Thanks for watching and Have a Good Day [More] – Click here to read 3 Manly Scarf Knots – Click Here To See 11 Ways To Tie A Scarf In An Infographic – Click Here For The Once Around Scarf Knot [More]
Govend û Dîlan a Kurden Dengbejen Gever ê. Kurdish dance culture (Kurdish: Govend, Dilan / Hilperkê ) is a group of traditional hand-holding dances from the Kurdistan. It is a form of round dancing, with [More]
This one is in the IDF colors. You can actually buy the Israeli Keffiyeh at
Como enrolar o Shemagh.
It was Yasser Arafat’s favourite head gear and it’s now a must-have item for fashionistas around the world. But the genuine kaffiyeh, “made in Palestine”, is an endangered species.
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This is a more comfortable method of wraping Shemagh without tying it or using a knot.