January 8th,2010 with Haywirecanada in a Keffiyeh , Director: Paul Fraser, Writer: Paul Fraser, Release Date: January 8,2010, Genre: Comedy, Cast: Paul Fraser, Runtime: 9 minutes, Country: Canada, Color:Color, Language: English, Aspect ratio 1.85 : 1, Camera: Sony Handycam DCR-HC36,Cinematographic process: Digital MinDV (master format,Certification:General Admission,
This video demonstrates how to wear a Shemagh with an Agal. The Shemagh, Agal and thobe have been embedded in Arab culture for centuries and are widely considered the traditional Arab men’s costume. First, Ahmed from Alhannah Islamic Clothing shows viewers how to position a folded Shemagh on the head. He goes on to explain how to adjust the crease of the Shemagh in the middle of the forehead, so it rests slightly over the eyebrows. And finally, he demonstrates how to pull the sides of it up and over the head, in order to wear a traditional Saudi Style [More]
You know your Uncle Tronthy as the clown from Tronthy’s Corner but did you know that Tronthy is an outdoorsman, adventurer, mountaineer, tactician, and all around surviver? Uncle Tronthy grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, hunting, fishing, hiking, paddling …etc.. now its time for you to see the gear that your favorite Uncle Tronthy uses to tramp the United States! Stay tuned for survival gear reviews, hunting gear reviews, fishing gear reviews, hiking gear reviews, climbing gear reviews, kayaking gear reviews, camping gear reviews, tactical gear reviews, etc! We will share survivalists stories, some laughs, and Lord willing some ice [More]
kalau kita tengah berjalan-jalan ke suatu tempat di negara Uni Emirat Arab entah itu ke mall,supermarket,pasar,ataupun instansi pemerintahan, kita sering melihat lelaki dan perempuan negara ini selalu memakai baju tradisional mereka.selain sebagai penutup anggota tubuh,pakian jenis ini juga berfungsi melindungi dari iklim negara ini yang cukup panas.bagi perempuan,selain untuk menutupi aurat juga berguna untuk menghindari hal-hal yang tidak di inginkan terutama pada lawan jenis.kita ketahui bersama kebanyakkan perempuan timur tengah memiliki paras yang cantik dan mempesona yang membuat mata lelaki yang memandang akan terbuai dan melayang-layang ke udara. Seperti Kimono di Jepang, Kilt dari Skotlandia, atau Hanbok yang dipakai oleh [More]
When Palestinian Television broadcasts viciously anti-Israel incitement, the media ignores the story. Palestinian Media Watch (www.palwatch.org) documents almost daily incitement from official Palestinian Authority media outlets, including the horrible indoctrination of children, taught to hate Israel and Jews from the earliest age. Share this video and other material from the PMW website so that more people will be aware of what the Palestinian Authority is really doing to “promote peace.” For more on anti-Israel media bias, sign up to get HonestReporting alerts: http://honestreporting.com/a/signups/signup.html Thanks for watching. Please comment and share.
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