Need an easy way to change up your look? Check out these three amazing ways to wear a scarf.
Taking functional fashion to new heights, Lebanese architect Salim al-Kadi exhibited his bulletproof keffiyeh design, the K29 Keffiyeh 001, at the Geek Express gallery in Beirut, Tuesday. Al-Kadi’s new design, which premiered at the Beirut [More]
Subscribe to our channel The keffiyah is a national symbol for Palestine and their struggle for independence. Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports on how the traditional Palestinian scarf is also struggling to survive. At [More]
How I tie a shemagh head scarf. It’s a little bit different from other methods I saw on YouTube. Edit: After over four years of trying to moderate racist and incredibly stupid comments I’ve closed [More]
This is a how you can use a Shemagh as a Neck Wrap. I use this method to get away from cold. Hope this will help you. Thank You New Here? – Hi! My name [More]
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Aprenda como se preparar, otimizar recursos, plantar e criar em espaços domésticos urbanos, saiba como usar o bushcraft para se integrar ao meio ambiente e saiba como usar a técnica de sobrevivência certa quando mais [More]