I got my hair cut today and guess what was for sale in this lady’s shop?? She only had one so I grabbed it up!
Find this item at: http://www.uscav.com/search.aspx?search=shemagh&tabid=548&os=1&catid=5090&cm_mmc=SocM-_-youtube-_-product-_-tieshemagh
Inilah cara memakai sorban ala orang arab, ini salah satu video tutorial cara memakai sorban ya… Kalau mau yang lain silahkan lihat di channel saya ini.
How to do the basic face and head wrap with a shemagh scarf, military style, usefull for airsoft, hiking, camping, for hot or cold conditions, excellent sirvival ítem with many uses!!!
How to tie a Kufiya
Kurdish dance culture (Kurdish: Govend, Dilan / Hilperkê ) is a group of traditional hand-holding dances from the Kurdistan. It is a form of round dancing, with a single or a couple of figure dancers [More]
Uso y el por que de vestir Kufiya.