Simon demonstrates one of the infinite number of ways in which you can utilize a Shemagh (or Keffiyeh). Kai Sackmann demonstrates some of the other ways in this video here:
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Three years ago the world’s media descended on the Hirbawi textile factory – the last keffiyeh makers in the Palestinian territories. At the time the Hirbawi family – who make the traditional Arab headscarf – [More]
Ello~ Salaam .. Giving you 3 looks 😀 (2 niqaab, 1.5 hijabs) Base Look is 1:00 to 1:13.. All the other looks are taken from this =] Right side (for you!) is the longer side. [More]
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En este vídeo veremos diferentes usos y configuraciones del shemagh. El vídeo consta de dos partes, la primera explicando varias configuraciones para cabeza y la segunda parte diferentes usos del mismo.