A little tutorial to show you how to tie an Arab Scarf around your face and wear it in the style of the desert warriors of yesterfelafel. This video contains dancing footage that may be [More]
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It will take very few minutes to learn how to tie Arabian turban and pleaee keep mirror in front of you that will be easy.
Lagu Gayo Alkirman Ama Ine + Lirik Lagu Gayo Alkirman Lirik Lagu Gayo Alkirman Lagu Gayo Ama Ine text lirik di: http://tanoh-gayo.blogspot.com/2017/10/lagu-gayo-alkirman-ama-ine-lirik.html
Bassem Eid interviewed in Auckland, New Zealand, August 2015.
Tying a head scarf – Omani style
Afrikaans het ‘n ryk geskiedenis waartoe baie tale en kulture bygedra het. In Bothasig, ‘n Kaapse voorstad, vertel apteker Muhammad Choglay watter rol Afrikaans in sy uitgebreide familie se lewe as Moslems van Indiese herkoms [More]