Teil 2 der Miniserie zur Kufiya. Dieses Mal wird das Thema Selbstverteidigung bearbeitet. ——————————————————————————– Dein Hirbawi Original Shemagh https://www.kufiya.org/deutsch/shop/ ——————————————————————————– Black Scout Survival Shemagh Combat Techniques https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKIOIs3fZBI ——————————————————————————– Eine komplette Ausrüstungsliste findest du unter: https://www.seaside-outdoor-survival.de/ [More]
HEBRON : Joudeh Hirbawi isn’t sure why young Palestinians don’t want to wear the iconic black-and-white keffiyeh scarves his factory makes. But he’s found another way to stay afloat.
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It will take very few minutes to learn how to tie Arabian turban and pleaee keep mirror in front of you that will be easy.
The White Canion, South Sinai, Egypt. March, 2015 Thank you Mr Fayez for teaching us this! Thank you Mr Fayez for being with us during this trip! We really enjoyed it!
assalamualaikum guys ,alhamdulilah saya sudah semangat untuk mengedit lagi dan saya memberikan contoh yang benar cara memakai sorban ,selamat menonton
Afrikaans het ‘n ryk geskiedenis waartoe baie tale en kulture bygedra het. In Bothasig, ‘n Kaapse voorstad, vertel apteker Muhammad Choglay watter rol Afrikaans in sy uitgebreide familie se lewe as Moslems van Indiese herkoms [More]