Shemaghs / keffiyeh/ kufiya (Scarves) Shemaghs (Scarves). keffiyeh/kufiya (Arabic: كوفية‎, kūfiyyah, plural كوفيات, kūfiyyāt), also known as a ghutrah (غُترَة), ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة) , shemagh (شماغ) or in Persian chafiye (چَفیِه), Kurdish cemedanî [More]
There are a lot of ways how you can use and wear a shemagh. A shemagh is one of the most important piece of clothing in your survival kit…besides the bandana. A shemagh doesn’t only [More]
Keffiyeh Band Dancing Dabka, Dabka is Palestinain Traditional Dance they Present Palestinain culture and they had a messege to show all the people around the world that Palestinian live like other people, like to live [More]
Most of your basic questions like “where do I get those!?” or “WHAT BE DIS MUSIC!?” are answered either at the end of the video, or in this description. Turn Annotations ON for a link [More]
[JUNE 5] | As I prepare for my camel ride in the desert, these guys help me get my scarf on, so I can, you know, look the part. They told me it was [More]
Performance by KVS & A.M. Qattan Foundation
فرقة كوفية في مدينة ألون – فرنسا 2016
This is just a quick video on what I’ve learned about the distinction between a Shemagh and a Keffiyeh.
Simon demonstrates one of the infinite number of ways in which you can utilize a Shemagh (or Keffiyeh). Kai Sackmann demonstrates some of the other ways in this video here:
[1] “Bom dia, primos” Ela diz primo em referência a descendência, como no Oriente Médio começou a civilização, dali, vem nosso parentesco, ou seja, ela valoriza sua história com isso e cria uma aproximação entre [More]