Szalik, turban, chusta na głowę, scarf, headscarf? Co tylko zapragniesz by zabezpieczyć się przed mrozem, słońcem, piachem w oczy. Kilka wybranych, niektórych, niepopularnych wiązań w turban, popularnej chusty wojskowej. Zapraszam do oglądania
Link to shemaghs here: When it comes to protective airsoft gear and shemaghs, instructions on how use them efficiently to protect you is not always readily available. So we decided to show you how [More]
how to put your Serban in your head?? Lol x’D
Jordan guide Burhan demonstrates how to tie a Bedouin scarf as decorative and protective headgear
HELP SUPPORT! GO TO: Dear Fans, Followers and Supporters: Shemspeed’s Israeli Keffiyeh is steadily gaining attention in the world of fashion, and in the process, spreading awareness of Jewish pride, respect, and cross-cultural unity. [More]
شار بە جامانە و ئاڵا وڵامی شاخ دەداتەوە Bajar bi Cemedanî û Alayê bersiva Çiya dide .
A video on the type of shemagh you should wear. Buy here Rothco Maddog Related videos