The unashamedly blatant attempt to whitewash the Palestinian keffiyeh, a PLO popularlized symbol of violence, into one of “peace.” Before you put on that “chic” black-and-white keffiyeh, you should think twice about what wearing it [More]
Ahed Tamini is a 14-year-old Palestinian girl who lives in the village of Nabi Saleh, in the occupied Palestinian territories. She is in ninth grade. This is the girl who two years ago stood up [More]
Bassem Eid interviewed in Auckland, New Zealand, August 2015.
On Satruday, August 2, a national march for Gaza took place in front of the White House. A pro-Israeli counter-protester (U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran Manny Vega) was standing on 16th and H Streets [More]
| For more art and process work, follow me on Instagram: | Part 2 of the Keffiyeh series – Part 1: | Painted with Adobe Photoshop CC – Total time: ~17.5 hours | [More]
I have no hat, so I throw a Ghutrah in the ring and a bottle of whisky. Trying the triangular kinematics with 2 arms (4 pieces)and 4 bearings for the Maslow. Turn OFF the [More]
Fiz uma demonstração de como uso o pantógrafo na Longarm quilting
This is a tutorial of how to wrap your Shemagh. I hope you find this video helpful and please comment rate and subscribe. I do video responses!! Thanks for watching and Have a Good Day [More]
Click to share it on Facebook – Rockstar whole album is super fantastic but one track that simply class apart is “Kun Faaya Kun”. In this movie Ranbir Kapoor has shed his boy next [More]