This is just a quick video on what I’ve learned about the distinction between a Shemagh and a Keffiyeh.
Simon demonstrates one of the infinite number of ways in which you can utilize a Shemagh (or Keffiyeh). Kai Sackmann demonstrates some of the other ways in this video here:
[1] “Bom dia, primos” Ela diz primo em referência a descendência, como no Oriente Médio começou a civilização, dali, vem nosso parentesco, ou seja, ela valoriza sua história com isso e cria uma aproximação entre os povos [2] “Por isso levamos o Kuffiyeh, o “branco e preto”” Na Palestina, o Kuffiyeh é sempre branco e preto. Na Jordânia é vermelho e branco. Alterar essas cores fere a cultura, porque não são simples artefatos, roupas apenas. São simbólicas [3] “Agoras os cães estão empenhados em levá-lo como artefato de moda” O keffiyeh tem sido usado por árabes residentes em regiões Saudita [More]
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French journalist Benoit Faiveley visits the last Palestinian keffiyeh (the iconic headscarf made famous by Yasser Arafat) factory in Hebron on the West Bank. Faced with Israeli military checkpoints, the complexity of exporting goods from the West Bank and now competition from Chinese keffiyeh manufacturers, the factory might not outlive its 76-year-old owner.
Most of your basic questions like “where do I get those!?” or “WHAT BE DIS MUSIC!?” are answered either at the end of the video, or in this description. After 230k views and you guys helping my video become the #1 shemagh tutorial on the internet, I decided to give you what so many ask for each month. A SLOWER VERSION! FINALLY! So THANK YOU guys for helping my video make it to #1! Is this tutorial to slow for you? Check out my Watch n’ Learn Edition! Shemagh/Keffiyeh 7 Methods: 2013 HD Watch n’ Learn Edition Purchase the [More]
Three years ago the world’s media descended on the Hirbawi textile factory – the last keffiyeh makers in the Palestinian territories. At the time the Hirbawi family – who make the traditional Arab headscarf – were struggling to keep the business afloat amid competition from cheap Chineses imports. But following a deluge of global media interest things began to look up — and whatsmore, the Hirbawis are benefitting from social media to keep the orders coming in. Howard Johnson reports from Hebron. My website: Twitter:
Ver nota: Assaf, de 23 años, es más que un cantante. Es realmente un ídolo. Su faz aparece en carteles en las plazas de Ramala, Nablus y Belén. Los niños de la calle venden en los semáforos discos compactos con grabaciones de sus actuaciones. Se le conoce por el apodo el ruiseñor de Palestina o, como le bautizó uno de los jueces de Arab Idol, el cohete, por su chorro de voz y su energía sobre el escenario. La Agencia de Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados en la zona le ha nombrado embajador para la juventud y la Autoridad [More]
Dunkin Donuts pulled one of their ads responding to Arab-haters who can’t even bear to see Arab clothing. Take 2 minutes to learn about the keffiyeh and why many are wearing it in an act of solidarity.