“Palestinian” father tries to sacrifice his son for “Palestinian” Propaganda

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A “Palestinian” father yells and taunts IDF soldiers, demanding that they kill his little 3-year-old child, Muhammad Suroor, so it can be captured on video for propaganda purposes.
Instead, the Israeli soldier shakes the young “Palestinian” child’s hand and tries to talk with him.

The father then ordering his child not to be afraid, to throw rocks at the soldiers and to raise the flag so they will shoot him.

“Peace will come when the Arabs will LOVE their children MORE than they hate us.” – Golda Meir, Former Israeli P.M

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Daesung Mars says:

My heart hurts for this poor boy. He was born into a bloody death cult, only to be used as a disposable propaganda piece.

Lemmon Pie says:

Putting his child in danger he's crazy

omri gany says:

0:35 basically every anti Israeli person even though you can see just a few moments later you can see that this soldier high five that kid

Michael Palmqvist says:

Do you know why he wanted them to shoot his son? So that he could scream "look what the evil Israelis are doing to innocent kids" and then get his compensation dollars from terrorist groups/sympathisers.

If you ask me, they should arrest the father for child abuse and adopt the kid to a kind family/social care in Israel.

liora grafic says:

If a Jewish child would stand in front of Lebanese soldiers and raise the Israeli flag in front of them!
He'd get a bullet in his head!

But Israel will not do such a thing because it has a heart!

Rahmat Khan says:

palistanies the real patriots ………

Madness Player says:

This comment section is stupid.
Stop acting like israel is the good guy here, The father's idea is to prove to jews that they dont give a fuck.

Zain Abidin says:

land thieves

Jack Crow says:

filthy fucking muslims.The plague of the world.Unfortunatly they did not kill this terrorist in the making, who will grow up to be a suicide bomber or worse!!!!

Jlo Hobbo says:

during my childhood i had a lot of friends whos parents were from Israel and I can say that they are some of the most peaceful and friendly people I know.

Seth Davis says:

THIS is disgusting propaganda. The level of bigoted support for an apartheid nation that uses theocratic dehumanization of others in these comments is insane.

King's Decision says:

Fuck that father

omgods1 says:

Palestinian too scared to go in front of the guy himself so he sent a defenseless kid. Is the love for violence greater than family for these people? Sickening.

hassan razek says:

Sad thing is in front of cameras they like to seem nice and peaceful in jails they molest and kill children like those

Priti Uikey says:

wish people never grow up!!

Jerry Starr says:

haha he is just an uneducated animal and its fault of Israel ( sad but true ) Let them free to good education.

Legnahar says:

Freakin monkey and its brat. Shoot em. No mercy. It's all the same hel'll never grow up in a sane human.

Imran Khan says:

this soldier are bloody bitch they do not have heart .

Dark Humor says:

Muslims are retarded inbreeds.

Mike steven says:

He's mocking you jews. You were being aggressors, he was making a statement that you will kill the boy as well, you already kill children, you wanna kill him then kill him. Any asshole who doesn't understand this is propaganda is stupid.

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