Palestinian Wedding in USA/ By ALJALIL STUDIO

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Palestinian wedding in America filmed and done by Studio Aljalil Contact us on : 313 478 6810


любовь брак says:

اي ولايه هذه انا ممكن اجي على امريكا بس بدي اعرف وين اكثر شي متواجدين العرب

Jamal Na says:

Ya rabi farijha 3ala palestinian and all arabian world. Peace from morocco.

8019Melissa says:

ماشاء الله … الله يسعدكم ويحميكم

tammylovesmakeup says:

I love the dress

Ranin Ma says:

ما أحلا .. ♥

Kareema Abdelkader says:

Masallah super cute couple

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