Review of the Wrong Gear Facemask Shemagh

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Great new Made In The USA product from Wrong Gear. This facemask is like an arab shemagh only smaller, better quality and uses velcro to fasten behind your head.

For complete information or to order one.

Buy the t-shirt in this video here.

See airsoft guns and gear put to the test @


Kindred Watcheston says:

I have a Canadian made shemagh where did I get it? My army surplus store.

Nathan Hopson says:

I'm in uk I wear my shemagh as fashion I it during all seasons

counterstrikemilitia says:

This is indeed the wrong gear, the traditional shemagh is the right gear

Rodolfo Lopez says:

He can't tie a shemagh

Mike Hancho says:

You eat, sleep, and be a dickhead

nancy Adams says:

Ummmm… bandana

EpicJon22 says:

Great way to introduce wrong gear bro! I'm definetly gunna think about buying one cuz of you! 🙂

Shaun Bay says:

The only shit thing about this is that almost all the stores are out of this product. Like wrong gear doesn't restock anything.

The Woad Wolf says:

I live in NC, I got a shemagh and I swear it has saved my neck and head from this cold weather, nice video man, I like the original shemagh though better.

Dave Jugger says:

Shemagh's aren't just for neck protecting. Their a great price of kit for almost anything like: gun camo, scarf, mask, head warmer, ect. The scarf you had is only for mouth, neck protecting and I personally, I think Velcro itches and can make pull on other clothing.

JV Hampton-VanSant says:

A note for people. If the color is too bright, just take some olive colored rit dye. Problem solved. 🙂 great vid m8

predicatenine72 says:

If you live in cold conditions shemags are good too

Sovereign Potato says:

When i saw Wrong Gear Im like -_-

Crazy tj Guy 2000 says:

Paintball im in it to win it for my life not a fake war f the feds and local authorities

Abhinav Rakesh says:

Military, Army are not fools who are using shemagh …

William Simpkins says:

You are racist dude, a lot of people wear shemaghs in the US.

ChitoCLM says:

Stupid Patriotic Greengo

GuitarGuy4455 says:

"Handmade in the United States." Come on man… come on

stinkiekiller declerck says:

Why is it a big deal that it is usa made?

Mickey Sealtoe says:

Airsoft? Velcro? Made in the USA? …. BOOT!!! Come do the real thing.

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