Shemagh- An Overlooked Survival Item

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Scott Donlan says:

Hey dude. Most of these come in the traditional Arab pattern. I'm glad you found one in digital camo. I know you mean no disrespect but there are a lot of ignorant people out there so it's best to play it safe. Cheers.

Richard Williams says:

You need exempt narcotic tussionex ,hycodan opiate cough syrup……opium poppies were grown in Confederacy for soldiers and women men home front….

Coyote Works says:

They are a great multi purpose piece of kit.  I usually always have one on me or with me when I'm out in the sticks.  I end up using mine a lot in the winter just like you mentioned.  Just to throw something light over my face when I'm sleeping to keep my face warm.  I have also used them to preflight water, make shade, as a wash cloth, even to tie gear to my pack.  And they do dry really quickly when they get wet.

Great video.  You'll find a lot of uses for that in the bush.

John Reese says:

I gotta get one of those!!
Video tip for you. . Tons more light! Especially the "daytime" cfl bulbs.
Will fix 2 things.

1) use daylight whitebalance on camera.. no color shifting thru video

2) when u hold something toward the camera it wont keep shifting focus and get confused.

MountainRaider says:

very good points mentioned!great vid!

The Camo Bloke aka Hawkie67 says:

I heard about your channel from "The MI Woodsman". Great video,Thanks for sharing. Cheers mate

Living Survival says:

Great video and thanks for the shout !

Jason McDaniel says:

Shemaghs are really useful! Some other things you can do with them are medical applications. For instance, a sling for a broken arm, a tourniquet, and you can make splint with it.

AiraCord USA says:

pretty cool! Ill be looking out for a shemagh!

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