The All Purpose Shemagh

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Simple, easy to use and versatile piece of gear. Get some.


baylor carter says:

denny. i want one. you send me that and i'll do another drum cover request for you!!

Tacticalhandler54 says:

I have one too and use it every day. Yeah people trip when I have it on and talk smack. 

Denny Ducet says:

some clowns I know think these are some sort of contra band or something. Shit you not, this is a quote, "Where would you even find one of those?" stated with a semi-handicapped look of stupidity on their face. 

Polenar Tactical says:

i have the basic green one and it can be used as excellent camouflage :)

Denny Ducet says:

thanks man. Yeah, hard to believe some people still freak out if they see one of these. 

CaptainBerz says:

Great video. I love em, have some videos coming out myself on some shemaghs I am reviewing…

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