The Great Palestinian Lie

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It’s not about Israel. It’s about Jews.

What really happened in the Middle East

The Middle East Problem

Is Israel An Apartheid State?

The truth about the peace process

The truth about the West Bank

Hamas terrorist tactics in Gaza – using innocent people as human shields

Israel’s critical security needs for a viable peace

Zaki admits wiping out Israel is the main goal

Abbas calls for an Arab invasion of Israel

The Oslo Accords are dead, and the Palestinians killed them

Reassessing “root causes” and “red herrings”

Arab children brainwashed to hate Jews

Muslim cleric teaches children to hate Jews

Syrian official: “Jews are apes and pigs”

Hamas MP: Jews were brought to Palestine for the “Great Massacre”

UAE professor says Jews in one place for easy killing

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem

Major Anti-Semitic Motifs in Arab Cartoons

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Shlomo Shekelgrabbler says:

With jews, you lose, White man. Look up IsraAid.

Thatcher Beyond the Grave says:

The time for talking is over, we can forever bleat on about Muslims and their hateful ways, we can forever bleat on about Sharia and the invasion of Europe. We either stand up and take on this cancer and the vile politicians intent on turning Europe into an Islamic shit hole or we stand up, stand up and eradicate this plague. We either put up or shut up. The time for talking is over

Tes Ste says:

– go back to borders from 1947 what you have signed or your dads
– and then negotiate
– what ever you would be said in some normal court in world
– they would be you asking is this your dads signature
– and you can not deny
– and only some force to enforce laws from court isn`t
– what would be your answer
– additional question from court
– where your dads and moms happy with "put signature at UN 1947"
now only some force to implement things where you are happy
leave court is not more needed to talking
is totally not point who they are there palestinians chinese japanese is not point at all
– and can not be point

Jen Harris says:

Palestine are such liars.
At least 24 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists were among those killed in yesterday's riots. These are soldiers in Hamas' terror army who attacked the border to.pull down the fence and kill Israel people.Palestine will even kill their own children to blame Israel in a video.

ToxiC BikEr says:

Hate is one hell of a drug…

Haiense says:

He tells the truth !

kalaz says:

well I have many questions about some statements made, but I am not a politician nor do I have a background in Palestinian and Israel's history. so I rather not comment about it but about the preaching from the Islam and that the Koran says, I have some idea about and I full well know what you said about that is total bullsh£$…
And if you still say what i said is a lie, then please show the passage in the Koran (since that about the preaching you'll find in TERRORISTIC ORGANIZATIONS…)

Jaap Klasema says:

Two (2) comment to possibly 'complete' this narrative, if you would allow me, Mr. Condell: (1) There's NO such thing as "a Palestinian" and there's NO such thing a "Palestine" ! The folks thus referred to are mostly 'displaced Arabs' from Egypt & Jordan. Even Arrafat, the original Leader of these people, was born & bred in Cairo, Egypt; yet called himself "Palestinian", which is, of course utter nonsense ! – (2) The 'other reason' why the leadership in Gaza (Hamas) & West-Bank (PA) want to keep the status quo is because there is a LOT OF MONEY in it: NOT for the common people (who are being used) but for that very same "Leadership". – Just saying, okay ?

Terry Hesticles says:

The adult muslim males, (not men, males) condone and accept being a pederast, and so does the rest of their supporters. You know, they cannot be held accountable, because that would be racist. They are above criticism, lest you be deemed a racist, bigoted, islam hating cretin by progressives. (Islamaphobia is not a real phenomenon of ANY kind, it is a made up slanderous word to silence critics)

zepbigfoot bearcove says:

Meanwhile, Zionist Jews are flooding Europe, USA and Canada with as much inpoverhed unassimilated immigration as possible. Legal and illegal. This guy is a dumb sheepish Goyim.

Soreofhing says:

Let's have peace – If Israel returns to its only legal borders, those it was granted in 1947.
The Golan Heights, the Shebaa farms area, the West Bank and all of Jerusalem – all stolen land.

Adrian Thornton says:

41 protesters have been killed and more than 1,700 wounded resulting large amounts of amputations as the result of Israeli sniper fire since late March. Israeli IDF or civilian casualties…Killed-0 Wounded-0 Anyone who defends this slaughter of unarmed people, mainly youth, should be ashamed of themselves. The civilized world looks on with horror at the actions of Israel.

Coin Byte says:

Fuck you and your Israeli stipend. What a liar you are. Go and live there asshole. I hope next time you invite someone into your shed they cut your throat you and your family. You can leave a note saying how good they were and how you deserved what you got because you asked them to leave. Lying piece of shit.


The anti-zionists call any anti-Zionist a man who speaks truth and genius. But this man is a real truth teller. He is more than any anti zionist can speak or act.

J.J. J says:

As usual, Pat cuts through the spins and lies and speaks the truth right in our faces. Apparently some people can't deal with the truth – especially if it conflicts with their Jew-hating. Jerusalem has only EVER been the capital of ONE nation – and it has been so intermitantly for about 3000 years. From The Time of King David, to Jesus & Rome until 135 AD. The Jews today speak, pray and worship the same way in their homeland Israel that they did 2000 years ago. the fakestinian pale-hoax & it's Jew hating narrative is being EXPOSED thanks to people like Pat.

Edwin Subijano says:

This guy's brain is totally fucked !!! I want to see him thrown out of his home at the point of a gun like what the Zionists did to the Palestinians did in 1948. Then I want see hear him say that it was a lie !!!

Bill Bailey says:

I got called a moron for pointing someone to this line of evidence with pictures. People believe what they like. I have seen first hand a thirst for war by Palestinians. Are they all bad? No
As long as the are backed by Iran the dual continues.

Darren Chapman says:

Happy birthday Israel! Didnt lose a friend here, gained one in spirit and purpose.

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