The Last Palestinian Kaffiyeh Maker

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The kaffiyeh is a traditional Arab headdress and a symbol of the Palestinian struggle. Today, it continues to represent an important part of Palestinian heritage. Unfortunately, the Al Hirbawi factory is the last remaining institution in the Palestinian territories producing the original kaffiyeh. Brothers Jouda, Abdelazim and Ezzat have been working in the factory since they were kids, inheriting the family business and continuing the proud legacy.


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Evil Eskimos says:

Good that Palestinian culture hasn’t been taken by the Israelis

Micka the kitten says:

Death to kaffiyeh! Death to islam!

Jello ollej says:

Hold up how are they the only makers if it's so popular there?

lysanOf Life says:

ok i just looked at the comment section and i saw a lot of comments about people having debates and wars and angry americans and just all around hatefull people and all i saw were people talking about what i said congratulating great big story and Palestinians

Hamidreza Ghaneei says:

I'm Iranian and i will stand beside my Palestinian brothers and sisters. I will never forget the pain and hardships that Israel caused in Palestine. i will never forget the dead children that died under bombings of Israel. Stand Strong, we will be victorious in the end!

Sam Cemente says:

This great video was also posted on Yahoo News. I gave it a big thumbs up and got hysteria in return. So I responded with this:

We can see from the vile, vitriolic reactions to this harmless piece on Palestine scarf-making that the Zionists have been tremendously successful in planting profound hatred, racism and ignorance in the tiny minds of the average American. Their fury at the mere mention of "Palestine" and “Palestinians" has them frothing at the mouth and hysterically parroting absurd Israeli talking points, like 'there's no such thing as Palestine' or something as bizarre as that. It is proof positive that it is not just "Palestinian violence" that the pro-Israel cult has a problem with, but it is in fact THE MERE EXISTENCE OF PALESTINIANS that has them incensed. They detest and loathe the Palestinian people’s heritage and history and their attachment to what has been their homeland for centuries. In short, they hate the Palestinians because they exist and because they are unwilling to go gently into that good night. Zionism is indeed truly evil and hateful, and it is truly a tragedy that some Americans have been so badly brainwashed and have become defacto Zionists.

Khaled_MUFC says:

This man is probably older than Israel

Nathalie Malaika says:

Thank you Great Big Story for recognizing Palestine as a country. Thank you.

Fida Aifiya says:

My dad has one of those, though we're not from middle east. I used to wear them when I was little because it was comfortable.

ViktorNotRussian says:

Before I went in the comments i never knew that israel and palestine didn't like each other

Alzahra Altareb says:

I don't need the subtitles because I know different dialogs of Arabic

Geflunk says:

A company in China could make it at a fraction of the cost

Principal Lewis says:

Attention incoming Hasbara trolls

Jack Christopher says:

Everyone's whining about "hatred" I'm not seeing any

wilmark cui says:

Featured whang od please..

Alison says:

#FREEPALESTINE NEVER FORGET. Israel will forever play as a “victim”.

Holy Crusader says:

I've given succ to spaghet before

Nora says:

I love Palestine. May they gain the freedom and happiness!!!

Borax says:

Are we able to purchase internationally from them? I'd love to buy and wear some of his art. They're well made.

Rice Rocket Airsoft says:

I would love to get one, can someone point me in the right link for this? If possible from these brothers?

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