The Palestinian Kids Crossing A War Zone To Get To School

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Secret Hebron: The School Run (2003) (Donna Baillie) – Palestinian children in Hebron regularly risk being attacked by Israeli soldiers as they try to go school.

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The subject matter of this documentary was the struggle of Palestinian children in the West Bank city of Hebron to get to school safely. They were regularly prevented from going to school by Israeli soldiers, and had resorted to scrabbling across the roofs of the old city as they were not allowed to use the ‘Israeli-only’ streets below. The only way to film their inevitable encounters with soldiers was to use a hidden camera.

Broadcasts: Prime time broadcasts on: A&E Mundo/The History Channel across Latin America; VRT Belgium; excerpts shown by Channel 5 News in the UK.

Festivals: Voices from Palestine Film Festival, Washington D.C. 2008; New Orleans International Film Festival 2005; 9th Annual Arab Film Festival, San Francisco 2005; European Social Forum, London 2004.

Awards: This film was nominated for a Rory Peck Features Award in 2003.

2006 Update: Clips from Secret Hebron were requested by the Christian Peacemaker Teams to aid in the release of the CPT hostages in Iraq. The clips showed the positive work done by this organisation in Hebron and were sent to Arabic Television stations across the Middle East.

“Uncovers what seems to be a secret kept from the world, in spite of the amount of press given to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.’ – Al Jadid: A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts (USA)

“Poignant, timely…important…a riveting documentary with the feel of an undercover exposé.” – School Library Journal (USA)

Donna Baillie – Ref 1547

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Conrad Mc Gregor says:

Those who shout the loudest are heard fastest… the world has too many problems. Islam, Judaism, neither are helping as it all boils down to self seeking, self pity.

Ian Dowd says:

I am disliking The Israeli military and intelligence forces more and more . The government of Israel is acting like the german's did in the Second World War and before, surely you would think that the Israeli government would have a little bit more empathy towards the children and their mothers. The Israeli army and its soldiers act disgracefully toward the Arab children, if this was happening in a sovereign country it would cause uproar.


Israelis are Evil

jon doe says:

I use to be one of those kids they took my school and turned it into a military camp and we had no school at all

Fenix says:

While the kikes treat the Pali's like this there'll never be peace in that god forsaken land.

Both sides are cursed and should be made to fight till the death and get it over with once and for all.

The IDF should try to kill all their enemies and LIKEWISE the Pali's should also try to exterminate ALL their enemies.

neoone75 says:

Learn anti-Semitism, bs. Those jews in Israel aren't semitic. They are mostly the descendants of khazar jews.

Salena Yasmin says:

i wish if i can shoot that soldier

Roi Turgeman says:

Palestinians should stop using their children as a emotional tool.

Hamed Jabrah says:

Somebody get those palestians a BOAT! It's a fckn war zone out there!!

Marie Kjeks says:

Pallywood at its best.

Buy a schoolbus and schoolbooks that don't teach hatred. Instead of terrorist weapons.

Fuck You YOUTUBE says:

7:44 Crazy how similar he sounds when compared to Gestapo/SS/Nazi

23 Years Old of Gold says:


Sasha Trifunovic says:

peace would be better for both sides.

Therese Fairchild says:

Im sure the Palestinian children feel exactly the same way as the Jewish children felt about the Nazis

Driss Green says:

Only brainwashed american neo-cons believe israelis are good people and are victims over there. When you have a system with a hotline on how to destroy childrens lives, that is pure evil. Just a small taste of their generosity and racial intolerance.

ladynottingham89 says:

I hope there is a special place in hell for these soldiers.

Ed Pal says:

ask any palastinking if they pref-are Isis control lands

salman ali says:

Fucking israel..the real terrorist….

Amando V says:

7:55 sum of bitch jew!! you can tell hes a power hungry fucker, i fukin wish i could slaughter then fuckers!!!

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