Top 3 Best Shemagh Wraps… For Me!

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These are the best or my favorite shemagh wraps that help keep the dust and dirt out of my face and eyes!!!

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Danny Schwab says:

O I just got me one of these 2 dollars wish man it's thin. But I need to try to fold like you. Mines think the same style or color. But ide love to find a thicker one for winter fishing. I'm tired of my nose and ears getting cold. Thanks again thanks god bless says:

Great information.

Fat Man Outdoors says:

Nice brother, I usually use mine just as a towel, but with winter coming I can use this. Winter is Coming

Danny Schwab says:

That's awseome if there really good at keeping a head warm i need one cause my ears and nose gets so cold. I brought dozen hats gloves full face and just Bennie hats and i have 1 full face it sucks thin. 2 bennie one thick black one i like but just like my shorts don't stay on. Yea no hips or butt so always haveing prob keeping shorts up. The beenie or just a hat slides up. Need suspenders for my shorts and hat maybe hook together lol. But great vidoe god bless

Diamond76 says:

Hi Wolf pack!!! I wished I knew about the shemagh when I used to do dirt bike riding lolol I used a bandana!!! I liked all three different ways that you were able to wear it!!! The size is definitely perfect and efficient for those windy elements when camping!!! I loved your video on how to properly wear the shemagh!!! Thank you Kory for the demonstration on this!!! Will like and share!!! Xoxo Pam ❤❤❤❤

SC bushcraft backwoods says:

Those will all work. The first one the basic bandana version is the way I go with my shemagh


Good review. I have yet to buy one so this helps !
I just have to remember to put it on when I get to the beginning of the trail. NOT in the city !
: O ( cops )

MD Outdoors says:

Very well demonstrated. I used number 2 all the time with mine.

Tampa Jay says:

Shemagh is awesome

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