XGO FR Shemagh

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XGO has made a great Shemagh, beyond the FR properties most of you wont have a need for.its lighter and more comfortable to wear than the standard shemagh most of us are used to. Just be aware of the danger of burning modacrylic fabrics.

ustacicalmedic36 burn test



Joseph Laboucan says:

where can I get this product ? awesome vid man.

Mozdrak says:

Excellent and informative review! I also appreciate your linking to other channels (most times I am already subscriber, but more discussion and chance to find another useful channel always appreciated). Really enjoy your channel.

Wandering Beast says:

spot on, in fact Im testing a wool/viscose blend

Wandering Beast says:

agreed, so far my research has shown that only being on fire does it off gas, not radiant heat, still digging into it.

Wandering Beast says:

not much color choice, light brown or dark brown 😉

Wandering Beast says:

currently testing a wool blend

MrWildlandman says:

I would recommend wearing a wool base layer. It does what the Under Armour does, wick away moisture, but is a natural fiber and will not melt when exposed to extreme heat.

Red0660 says:

Hey Beast, is Max still around?

GraymanTactics says:

awesome, bought two

Patriot36 says:

Wow, really interesting topic. I never knew much about these materials.

Funny that you had complaints about the background. It never once occurred to me but perhaps when you have your own channel you're a lot less critical…lol.

wyattoneable says:

Old dogs are great. Thanks for the review. I have never thought about adding this to my gear but they are getting pretty popular on YouTube so maybe worth checking out.


Thanks buddy, Never thought of cutting it, And I use the XGO neck pipe in FR when on the line and i love it, The ladies over at XGO are awesome and have sponsored me and our training school. But about the smoke and getting sick I'd rather get sick and to be burned any day, And i really don't know how much you would have to inhale to get sick because you really could put out any fire on your body fairly fast IMO. But i would like to see what you come up with in your research. Be safe bud

fepowson says:

Good review on this item of "work" material beast, loved the picture of your canine pal.

Wolf Eater says:

The whole time I'm watching the video I'm thinking screw this, it looks like something the terrorists would wear…..but as soon as I saw the dog rockin it at the end I was like ok ill give it a shot! Hahah

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

The dog at the end was pure win!
Interesting.. I can't believe people were complaining about being dizzy? That's… kinda sad =
Anyways.. what about light wool or would that be to hot.
I can't even imagine how painful it must be to have your cloths melt on you.. >_<
Thanks for the review.

Scuba Steve says:

*holds lighter to fabric* 30 seconds later "this fabric has carcinogens and can make you sick when its burned"… lol no fucks given

HawkLMT says:

Great info friend!

Grubkat says:

Good review. You have an awesome job!

Saddle Trail says:

Being a woman,what colors do you suggest for us girls eh?


Well done review. Thanks!

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