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Assalam O Alikum In this tutorial I am going to show you that how can you tie Shemagh Like Omer Borkan Al Gala The famous man of UAE Thumbs for Amaan Ullah’s TUTORIALS & VLOGS keep liking/sharing Follow me here Facebook : Instagram : Subscribe me if you wanna be more entertained #amaanullah #amaanullahtutorials
Der gezeigte Artikel ist mein Privatbesitz und wurde nicht gesponsert. Bei weiteren Interesse kann der Abobutton gedrückt werden. Danke. #Shemagh #Survivaltool
#Shemagh #Keffiyeh The reason for this video is, well some of us like to look good and some of us like really nice soft fabric from other parts of the world. The clothing also makes the photographer if you believe that or not. I’d like the fact that my Muslim background is part of me and then I also have that fashion sense from my days in Japan as a kid until now. These are some of the best shemagh or Keffiyeh that you can find on Amazon. The two I have in the video are made the same but [More]
En este video tomo la oportunidad de hablar del Shemah, sus diferentes usos y configuraciones aplicadas a la supervivencia. #Shemagh #Survival #Preppers #Bushcraft
I used shemaghs in various parts of the world. A real basic piece of kit that makes a big difference. I have a number of these signed and for sale, see eBay or enquire on the SAS Special Air Service Militaria Collectors and Facts page. Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, visit my website, follow me on Twitter and join the SAS Special Air Service Militaria Collectors & Facts Page on Facebook. Merchandise is available on the Facebook page, eBay and directly off my website. WHO DARES WINS!
Este video mostra as maneiras de se usar um shamag, várias maneiras de amarrar.
Selección musical conjunta con Matt Kufiya, ejecución impecable del mismo, live set de estreno. Algunas animaciones de Timony P’umba, domador de almohadas. Mucho copyleft (pedí el origen del video que te guste a los comentarios, ojos). ► ► Realizado para ► Transition Suscribite que suma 🙈 ► Mi instagram: rafiki.vj
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