☯ Keffiyeh NIQAB LOOKS ☯ نِقاب Square scarf tutorial + Fun night out VLOG ♡

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Ello~ Salaam .. Giving you 3 looks 😀 (2 niqaab, 1.5 hijabs)
Base Look is # to #.. All the other looks are taken from this =]
Right side (for you!) is the longer side.

Sorry I didn’t explain properly on video !
I did a bad job; but hopefully you will still understand ❤

keffiyeh, kufiya, كوفية‎, ghutrah, (غُترَة), shemagh (شماغ šmāġ), ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة), chafiye (Persian: چَفیِه‎‎) or cemedanî (Kurdish: جه مه داني‎), traditional Middle Eastern headdress, square scarf, Arabic scarf, arab, checkered scarf hijab الشتاء حجاب‎ hijabi niqab , taken from wiki XD, hazara, القوطي gothic القوطية, punk, winter Look, doll hijabidoll maixberry


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