A group of undercover Israeli soldiers dressed as palestinian.

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In yet another disturbingly shocking act, a group of undercover Israeli soldiers dressed as Palestinian civilians (Musta’ribeen) Thursday overnight broke into Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron, and executed a patient and kidnapped another.

The group of 21 armed Musta’ribeen (AKA Death Unit), invaded the hallways of the hospital, terrorized the nurses, stormed the room of Abdullah Shalaldeh (27) in surgery section, shot him with four bullets in the chest and the head and inside his ear, causing his immediate death.

Abdullah Shalaldeh (27) patient executed by Musta’ribeen
Abdullah Shalaldeh (27) who was executed by Musta’ribeen unit
The agents also reportedly opened fire on his cousin, Azzam Shalaldeh, injured and kidnapped him from the hospital.

According to the hospital CCTV, one of the group members was dressed as a pregnant woman wearing the Hijab and Jilbab (Islamic dress code), and another faked being a patient on a wheel-chair to infiltrate the people at the hospital. The rest were dressed as Palestinians and wearing the Kufiyyeh (Palestinian scarf). Minutes later, their guns were out.

Israeli media claimed that the attack came because the family was affiliated to the Hamas resistance movement.

With Abdullah Shalaldeh killed, the number of Palestinian martyrs since the beginning of October rises to 83.


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